Dear Astro,
Veterans' Day is fast approaching. My family is wondering if you know any ways we can help make a difference in our community for US Veterans and their pets. 

Grateful in Galveston

Dear Grateful,

I'm happy to tell you about an event supporting our brave ve...

Dear Astro,
My fur sister is turning one in just a few weeks. Do you have any advice on how we can make this day special for her?

Blissful in Bellaire

Dear Blissful,

I can definitely steer you in the right direction! Dog parties (or as I like to call them-“paw-ties”)...

Dear Astro:  We heard at the Dog Park there is a bakery opening just for dogs. Have you heard about it?

- -Hungry in Houston

Dear : Hungry,

It’s true! My mom and her pal are opening a Three Dog Bakery in Rice Village on September 12and we are having a Grand Opening Party...

Dear Astro:  My family is unable to have a dog in our home, but we want to help homeless pets. How can we do this? 

- -Helping Heart in Houston

Dear : Helping Heart,

We are so happy you asked how to help homeless pets! August 18 is Homeless Pets Day, and here at Three Dog...

Dear Astro:  I have seen several pictures from the Three Dog Bakery Houston on social media featuring chocolate.  Isn't chocolate toxic to dogs??

- -Chocoholic in Houston

Dear : Chocoholic,

Thanks for the great question! It is true that chocolate is to...

Dear Astro:  I was wondering how you are settling into life in Houston with you new family? Any challenges you have overcome?

- -Still looking for a dog to adopt

Dear Still Looking: Since my Gotcha Day coincides with Mother’s Day, I have decided to let my mom write this...

Dear Astro: We really want to adopt a dog, but my daughter is allergic to most dog breeds, so we need to get a specific type.  What are our options?

--Sneezing in Houston


Dear Sneezing: I’m so excited to hear that you want to adopt a dog!  I understand about...

Hello! Astro: I was wondering what your outlook is on the 2018 Houston Astros baseball season??

-- Dodgers Fan lost in TX

Dear Dodgers Fan: Welcome to Texas and thanks for that great question! The Dog Days of Summer are almost upon us as we are having the earliest openi...

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