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Ask Astro: 2018 Houston Astros Baseball Season Prediction


Hello! Astro: I was wondering what your outlook is on the 2018 Houston Astros baseball season??

-- Dodgers Fan lost in TX

Astro 2018 Baseball

Dear Dodgers Fan: Welcome to Texas and thanks for that great question! The Dog Days of Summer are almost upon us as we are having the earliest opening day in baseball history today! That gives my favorite team, the Houston Astros, even more time to make an impact in the American League. We have so much momentum here in the city following our 2017 World Series win!

With a great coaching staff, players like Altuve, Springer, Correa and Bregman, and ME as the lucky charm, how can we go wrong??

Baseball Pupcake

Get your caps on, your jerseys ready and stop by the Three Dog Bakery in Rice Village to pick up some baseball themed treats so we four-legged fans can celebrate the wins with all of our human fans.

I’m predicting a repeat victory for the Astros as the 2018 World Series Champs!


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