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Ask Astro: Homeless Pets


Dear Astro: My family is unable to have a dog in our home, but we want to help homeless pets. How can we do this?

- -Helping Heart in Houston

Dear : Helping Heart,

We are so happy you asked how to help homeless pets! August 18 is Homeless Pets Day, and here at Three Dog Bakery Houston we love helping homeless pets find their fur-ever homes! Adopting a homeless pet isn't the only way you can help.

What special skills do you have? Are you a photographer like my friend Marie? She donated her time and amazing photography skills to make sure Hudson the foster puppy was captured in his cutest moments to put on the rescue website.

Copyright @Marie LaFranque Photography

Donating gently used pet items is another way you can help. Do you know someone who is upgrading their pets' beds, collars, blankets or toys? Donating your usable items instead of throwing them away is a great way to help homeless pets.

Running a charity drive makes a great high school senior project! Call your local shelter and see what their specific needs are. Not only are homeless pets receiving items that are needed for their care, you are inspiring others and bringing awareness to the need for giving these pets a loving and safe home.

Fostering homeless pets is another way you can help. You may not be able to have a pet long-term, but what about short-term? Foster families are a great way to socialize pets with other animals and children in the house. Its a fantastic way to help MANY homeless pets.

All the dogs at the bakery have been in need of a fur-ever home and we love having a new arrival! My mom decided we had enough room in our hearts for my new sister, Bronwyn! This truly makes us a THREE DOG BAKERY!

We hope this helps give you some ideas on how EVERYONE can help homeless pets!


All photos and blog stories are ©Three Dog Bakery Houston. Please use appropriate permissions.


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