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Ask Astro: How's life in Houston?



Dear Astro: I was wondering how you are settling into life in Houston with you new family? Any challenges you have overcome?

- -Still looking for a dog to adopt

Dear Still Looking: Since my Gotcha Day coincides with Mother’s Day, I have decided to let my mom write this response.


Thanks, Astro and Still Looking! It would be my pleasure to tell you about Astro’s first year back in Houston. He came into my life on a Wednesday while the kids were still at school. When I picked them up, I told them that I had a surprise for them at home and they were guessing and asking for hints. They ascertained that it was smaller than a car but bigger than a piece of candy, it couldn’t be eaten or ridden in or on. When I opened the front door they first though that he was Treu ( the Bakery's other shop dog) but quickly realized that he was a different dog. I had to make them understand that he was our dog now and they fell in love with him immediately. As you can see, the feeling was mutual.

The past year has been nothing if not eventful, we moved houses, weathered a hurricane, met all the neighborhood dogs on walks in the new ‘hood, saw snow TWICE, took a road trip to Austin, rode in an elevator and stayed in a hip hotel. Lots of firsts for Astro and he took it all in with curiosity and courage. I am very lucky to have a solid partner by my side, right at my side, all the time underfoot....I mean, by my side....for every step. I look forward to celebrating many more Gotcha Days with Astro!

Best of luck finding a pup to call your own!

--Astro's Mom, Sara


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