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Ask Astro: Chocolate toxicity in dogs.


Dear Astro: I have seen several pictures from the Three Dog Bakery Houston on social media featuring chocolate. Isn't chocolate toxic to dogs??

- -Chocoholic in Houston

Dear : Chocoholic,

Thanks for the great question! It is true that chocolate is toxic to dogs. It can cause severe stomach upset and worse. At Three Dog Bakery Houston we use only all-natural, non-toxic ingredients in our treats and cakes. What you could be confusing for chocolate is actually carob! The bakers have swapped out the chocolate in all of the baked goods for this pet-friendly, naturally sweet legume!

So if you think you're seeing chocolate, don't be fooled! The staff are baking up fun, tempting, delicious (and I've tried quite a few), 100% SAFE treats for all my 4-legged fur friends. I've heard some of the dog parents have even tried them too!

Hope to see you in the bakery after we open!


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